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Sales Elite Year End Challenge!

So you’re working hard to finish your year-end goals and no one seems to understand the importance of it.


Like. No one.☹️


No one understands WHY you are in sales or why you would do something for commission.


No one understands WHY you would start a new business… “it just seems so risky!” They said.


But YOU do!


👉🏻The flexibility,


👉🏻The “Tawanda” moment when you reach a goal or surpass it!


👉🏻The challenge that it takes to overcome objections and learn how people think.


👉🏻To be able to earn an insane income and build your dream business

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It’s OK you are working hard for them and they’ll get it when they see the results of all the hard work you are doing.


So how are you going to earn their respect and their support?


💪🏻You have to STOP talking and SHOW them!


But here’s the thing…


You’re frustrated…


You can’t seem to find the missing link to going above and beyond your sales quota.


So now what?


How are you supposed to show your family, the ones you need the support from the most that you CAN do this if you aren’t sure what’s holding you back?




You can do what you’ve been doing and still be frustrated.


You can try what someone else is doing that worked for them and their industry


You can eat ice cream and look at your computer with a blank look on your face




You can hop into my Sales Elite Year End Challenge and finish up this year with a bang!!! 🔥




Well, I have 19 years experience in Sales, 12 of them in insurance and finance industry and 16 in direct sales.


Countless learning moments, overcoming objections, learning people skills and earning some fantastic awards (think a new car). I didn’t get all of that knowledge to just sit on it.




My job is to help my clients succeed. To find the missing link- the true missing link, not the one you think it is.


So how do you find out how YOU can finish the year up strong and get that “Tawanda” moment?


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