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Going Above & Beyond Your Quota

So you have been in sales for maybe a couple years and have been making it but not soaring like you would like.


...but you are getting by.


Enough to keep your job and your boss and pocketbook happy… just not blissfully happy.


You know what though?


I hear yah. I was there.


You’re tired


You are tired of just barely making it every month.


You’re colleagues are surpassing you every month and you are sick of it.


Every month at your company’s area meetings, the numbers are given out…


Pat on the back for those who are the over-achievers… then there is you.


You want to be an over-achiever, but you aren’t sure how.


Well, maybe not an “over-achiever” but it would be nice to go to that monthly meeting and be recognized for your hard work.


You are frustrated because you work hard and you deserve the success.


And maybe the recognition.


It will come… they keep saying.


“It’s all in the numbers”


Meanwhile you are sitting there wondering…


How in the world are these colleagues of mine doing this?


Do they not have laundry to do, a dirty kitchen to clean after work, kids to get bathed and in bed?


Meals to plan?... seriously...


What is their secret?

Well, it could be that it's just luck. 

Yeah right.

Or that they flash a smile and nod their head yes when asking the closing question... and are just REALLY good at it...

Maybe they are just receiving a lot of referrals so these leads are coming at them left and right...


We can stop talking about what THEY MIGHT be doing

and start talking about what MIGHT work for YOU


This is the CORE of this virtual workshop.

Getting down the bottom line and figuring out together what it is that is holding you back from absolutely pushing through and going above and beyond that sales goal.

This is what you'll learn:

          "You" analysis - going over every part of your job & expectations.

           Do you have a why? This can change... sometimes a lot... let's get this down for the current season in your life.

           Systems analysis - what are you using and is it working.

           Get a good strategy together that you are comfortable with yet will stretch you a bit and that you will use.

           Be in a community with other Sales Elite Ladies.