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You. Are. Worth. It. 

Telling my clients this is one thing.

Getting them to believe it, is another.

I can't make you believe in yourself,

But I can give you the tools to help you build your confidence to get you there.

What You're Going To Learn

​          WEEK 1: People // Light personality training

          WEEK 2: Business Etiquette // Does and Don'ts that can affect your brand

          WEEK 3: Prospecting // Getting a response from prospects

          WEEK 4: Giving Exceptional Client Service

          WEEK 5: Time Strategies & Organization

          WEEK 6: Goal Setting

Here is what this virtual class includes:

          1 video uploaded weekly for 5 weeks -- worth $4000

          Included in private Facebook group with other like minded Sales Elite Ladies!

          Access to private group with fellow classmates! 

          All worksheets, templates and checklists included --worth $1000                             



That is over $5,000 worth of training!!!

And because this virtual class is in beta testing you get the beta testing price of just 


          That is 50% off regular price!!!

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Why Should You Listen To Me?

OK, that's a fair question.​

So let me introduce myself,

My name is Mindy and I absolutely love helping my clients work through tough spots in their sales career. 


I've been in sales since 2000 and have coached hundreds of sales reps, created many training doc, worksheets and templates.


...not to mention creating my own tracking system that led me to the top 1.5% of the company I was working with at the time. 

OK so now you know a little bit more about me, but you know what?

One thing I had wished over my own sales career was to have someone that I could turn to for advice.

Someone OUTSIDE of the organization I was working with who wasn't "drinking the kool-aid" and could give me coaching from a different perspective. 

Not only career but personal/work life and balancing everything while keeping my insanity while working a 100% commission job. 

Like is it OK to have cereal for dinner once a week?

And how to meal plan so I wasn't spending outside of my grocery budget.

It was definitely crazy at times. 

Then you add the sales quota on top of that... whew!

That added even more pressure. 

But guess what??

There IS a secret to your sanity and you learn this in the Sales Elite Crash Through The Sales Ceiling  virtual class!


So what are you waiting for? 

Save your seat and let's start this year off so YOU can have your own "Tawanda" moment at your next sale meeting =)

The Breakdown

WEEK 1: People // Light Personality Training

Knowing how to relate to people is essential when it comes to sales. Learn how to differentiate the different personalities and how best to relate to them so you can have a successful sales cycle.

WEEK 2: Business Etiquette // Does and Don'ts that can effect your brand

Learn the importance of having good etiquette and some tips that will give you the edge over your competition.

WEEK 3: Prospecting // Getting a response from prospects

Having your technique for prospecting down is how you get paid. Learn different strategies that create an different funnels for leads and referrals. 

WEEK 4: Giving Exceptional Client Service

You have them, now how to keep them! This is the #1 complaint is that your client doesn't' hear from you enough. Not your office, you. Let's tackle this to gain client loyalty.

WEEK 5: Time Strategies & Organization // Avoiding Burnout

Not having your process down can keep you from hitting your numbers and the stress can be horrible to your health. Learn strategies to organize and stay on top of your schedule

WEEK 6: Goal Setting 

Learn how to set a goal that is realistic yet big enough for you to stretch and not scare you. Create a strategy to not only reach that goal but surpass it.

Are you ready for your "TAWANDA" Moment??? 

Yes Please! 


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