We use Wix cloud-based platform to create all of our websites

Our Story

So, after many team meetings and planning... We have decided to add website design to services that we offer!! We are SUPER EXCITED that we can not only coach clients on their brand and messaging but also bring it to life in a gorgeous website!


After years of working with Wix cloud based platform for her own business, Mindy learned that many entrepreneurs struggle with their own web design needs. Many entrepreneurs use Wix mainly due to the fact that no coding is necessary however they learn along the way that it is helpful to have someone create a page, consult with or even create a new website that is a fraction of the cost of designers that utilize code for their websites. 

Mindy's passion is to help entrepreneurs be bold and help them be able to effectively brand themselves. Utilizing her experience with the Wix platform she is able to assist in more ways to help you define who you are to the world.