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 8 Week Intensive Sessions

Support. Accountability. Leadership.

This is a no-nonsense, 8 week MasterMind Group that meets weekly via  virtual online meeting.


We have assignments due every week and a private group that we encourage each other in between sessions. 

This group is for the ready-to-go sales rep or entrepreneur that is sick and tired of being sick and tired. You want change and you're tired of messing around.


You need high accountability and that scares you.... but you are willing to do something different to get different results... because one thing you do know is that what you are doing now, just isn't working. 

You are ready. You are worth it. 


WEEK 1: What's Your Story? 

To start things off we take turns sharing our stories and why we chose to do what we do. We get positive feedback from fellow group members and encourage each other. 

WEEK 2: Breaking it Down: Your Why

Next we break down your story and your why. We dive into the emotion part of why we are making the choices that we make and why. How this is blocking us from being able to move forward to achieve our goals.

WEEK 3: Breaking it Down: The Numbers

Knowing what your numbers are is crucial to being able to not only reach your goals but knowing what activity to do every day to reach them. 

WEEK 4: Goal Setting 

Now that we know the numbers and what is driving you, we break down your goal to do-able portions. We walk through the different types of goals and why we need to set more than one at a time. 

WEEK 5: Systems and Organization

Now that we have the emotion and numbers part of our goals down. It's time to look into our systems that are holding us back from moving forward. 

WEEK 6: Automation and Tech

This week we break down what tech is available to us to use to keep our lives a bit more balanced. We also look at automation's and resource you with some times saving apps that we have used over the years and have found very helpful.

WEEK 7: Finances

Crucial to being an entrepreneur, independent contractor or just in general knowing what your financial plan looks like and lines up with your goals. Knowing exactly what tools are out there to use without costing a small fortune. 

WEEK 8: Tracking

In this final week we do a light re-cap and dive into tracking. "A tracked number grows" is a mod-ow I have lived by for years in my sales career. This is very important for your success and crucial to conquer for your head games. 

What You Can Expect

To create a bond with the ladies in your group. After spending  8 weeks together sharing and encouraging each other. These may turn into long lasting friendships. 

To be energized and renewed knowing that your goals are not scary or too big. That your goals can be reached - as long as they are set realistically and now that you know how to set realistic goals and to balance to achieve them, you are on fire!

Taking the time to walk through these steps is important to moving you forward and achieving your dreams. Having a group to do this with really can help build up your confidence to get your moving.

This is for the serious go-getter's and goal-crushers only. If you aren't ready to commit to your group every week to be there then this is not the MasterMind Group for you. Only those that are ready to be challenged, stretched and ready for growth in bigger things should apply. 

Access to private class group with your fellow classmates. This group is archived after the 8 weeks are done.

Access to private MasterMind Facebook Group for additional support after the 8 weeks are complete

In addition to the weekly live sessions, there will be weekly check-in lives sessions from your instructor for continued support. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MasterMind Group?

Best selling Author, Napolean Hill describes MasterMind Groups as "A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose". What this generally means is a small group of people coming together on a regular basis for high accountability, group atmosphere and to learn from not only the group members but the MasterMind Leader or Coach as well.

What will happen at each of these group meetings?

We will meet at the same time every week in our private group on the Paratus Consulting website. Check-in. What’s a highlight or win you’ve had in the last week? Accountability. Did you do what you said you were going to do at our last session? Are you ahead, behind or on pace with your number one strategic priority? Perspective. What progress do you need to make on your strategic priority in the next 30 days? What has to happen for that progress to occur? Do you have any blockers? Action items. Based on the perspective you received today, what are you going to do and when will you get it done by?

What are a few benefits from joining a MasterMind Group?

A trusted board of advisors. Fellow Group Members all signed the same confidentiality clause that you did. What you share stays in the Group. Wisdom from the trenches. This is why we have an application. We only want to hard working-goal-digging professionals in this group. The wisdom from running alongside others that are as goal-hungry as you are will help keep your focus. Accountability. As entrepreneurs the only accountabtility that we have is ourselves and fmaily... employees if we have them. really though. there is no boss, no manager to hold us accountable- which can be a perk however it can also work against you. Having a Group of Members that are going through what you are gong through and are hungry to work for their goals is exactly whta entreprenurs need. A network of the right people. Not your spouse or friends... Group Members are there linking arms virtually with you. THEY can better realte to what you are going through. Faster growth. The higher amounts of daily activity that comes with being in a MasterMind Group enables you to get it done. You won't want to be left behind as your fellow Group Members are all hustling to reach their goals and encourage each other through this. Personally I achieved a huge goal by meeting with my accountability partners once a week, had a daily activity tracking sheet and had to submit to them both every night to both of them. We then went over number, obstacles, shere we are at and are we ontrack with our goals. This is the only way I as able to achieve my goal in record time with my head in the right place. I will share more about this life changing in the group.

Why is there only one person per core profession for each MasterMind Group?

First of all we know you won't want to share your goals, how you plan to reach them and ideas if your competition is in the same group as you, right? We want to respect that yes we may be all in Sales or Entreprenuers however we also don't want the distraction of having your compettion in the group as well. The lack of focus will work against you thus making joining this MasterMind Group not the best investment.

Bonus Optional Session

Do you lead a sales team?? Add on this bonus session at checkout and receive access to a special live session.

BONUS SESSION: We go over how to help your team grasp onto the team goals, how to set them without your team feeling guilty or pressured. 

Are You In?

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Monday April 5th, 2021 @ 11:30AM EST .