Support. Accountability. Leadership.

This is a high intensive, no-nonsense group for those that aren't messing around with their goals. 

WEEK 1: What's Your Story?

WEEK 2: Breaking it Down: Your Why

WEEK 3: Breaking it Down: The Numbers

WEEK 4: Goal Setting

WEEK 5: Systems and Organization

WEEK 6: Automation and Tech

WEEK 7: Finances

WEEK 8: Tracking


  • Exclusive MM Facebook Group Access 

  • Worksheets and tools that you need to complete your work for the week and next session.

  • Weekly live group sessions

  • Weekly pop-in lives from Instructor to check in

  • Fellow Group Members posting regularly in group 

  • Exclusivity: One person per core profession per group

  • MasterMind Support Team is there to support you every step of the way. 

Applications accepted through  April 27, 2020 - space permitting

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Sales Elite

 8 Week Intensive Sessions