7 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your Emails

What that is actually a thing? Yep! Years of being in sales and a business owner and not having an assistant forced me to get a bit more creative with my answering/sending emails.

  1. Categorize your emails in outlook. Oh, I was in awe when I stumbled upon this!!! Color coded and labeling makes it easy to delegate if more than one of you use the same inbox (example; info or contact emails).

  2. Turn off your desktop notifications. Having this feature turned off- will take the focus off of what you are supposed to be working on. Multi-tasking in never a good idea. Plus the constant dinging noise from the notifications will drive your coworkers wonky.

  3. Delegate. Your time is precious. Utilizing the categories/labels is a huge timesaver. You can have these categorized quickly, and this will save you hours.

  4. Folders. Utilize these and then with sub-folders too. I have mine labels in all caps- easier to read and stands out more.

  5. Rules. This can be a great feature to use - especially if you receive emails from the same people or organizations. Just remember to check your folders. A tip- don’t leave any unread messages in your folders, this will help to differentiate.

  6. Out of office. Please use this! Even if you are just leaving earlier for the day. Your coworkers will appreciate you taking the extra step! And your customers will appreciate the heads up you won't be getting back to them the same day.

  7. Keep Emails in Threads/Groups. Having a separate email for an email that ends up being 6 messages long, needs to be kept in the same thread and not take up more space in your inbox. Plus it will keep all reliefs together- and that is good for E and O.

I know I just added one more thing to do on your plate, but honestly keeping your emails organized can help you not only look professional but not losing a sales because of a missed email is always a good thing.

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