Having Hope Is A Good Business Strategy... Right?

You’re at the end of the month… or year, to reach your quota.

You hope that that one prospect you have been working with signs.

You hope that this person comes through and does what she says she is going to.

You run that payment through - the last one you need before reaching your goal - and it doesn’t go through. Your client isn’t responding and you hope they call you back in time.

I’m sure you can agree, this is a very stressful place to be in, though sometimes this is unavoidable - this shouldn’t be a regular occurrence. If you are finding that you are barely making it, scraping by and frustrated, this is probably happening.

So how do you avoid this? Your manager will probably say you need to buy more leads, work more hours, go knock on those doors!

Though some of this is probably true, it is not what you need to hear.

What you need to hear is, ”What do you need from me?” “How can I help you?”. You need a good support system.

Sales can be tough, but also very rewarding. We like the rush of helping someone and getting paid well for it.

One of my coaches said that if I didn’t like cold calling, don’t do it. Why? Because I’ll end up hating my job, become less passionate about it and not excited to go to work.

We are in sales because we love the flexibility, high potential income and we are able to help others with the product or service we are offering, right?

Here is the bottom line (can you tell I like these?) Have a plan of action for your referral, COI’s and networking. I know you know this, but this is crucial to your success. Having the right support - besides your manager- to help you will help you cross ABOVE that finish line, not just barely making it.

So how does one achieve this?

Get a coach. A good coach. One that will strategize with you, understands sales processes, people and how to work with them.

Limited number of spaces available for individual coaching with me. Book your initial consult and see if we are a good fit.

Yours In Success,


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