How Do I Get My Sales Team Motivated?

This is a question that so many managers and small business owners ask. Believe me when I say that this frustration is not only yours but your sales team‘s as well.

They joined your team because they believed in the vision casted and let’s face it, the amount of potential income that they can make - which then helps your bottom line.

So let me ask you this... is your sales team ever a part of the planning or strategy sessions that come up with the quotas that they have to meet?

When I worked at an independent insurance agency years ago, the business owner and my boss was really good at creating a positive team environment. We knew exactly where we are at, what needed to be done and why the percentages were set to where they are.

This created not only employee loyalty but trust and a positive team environment instead of a tyrannical one.

Simply put. This approach works.

My challenge to you;

  1. At your next monthly team meeting have a white board or power point that explains the numbers. Have you accountant there as well.

  2. If you aren’t meeting on a monthly basis with everyone- even the support staff, start doing this now.

  3. Be an open book - 95% open about expenses and income needs that the business has to have to survive.

  4. Have weekly sales team meetings after the monthly team meeting. Now that you know what number needs to be reached, work as a team with setting annual/monthly/weekly/daily goals.

  5. Have a weekly meeting with each sales rep - even for 15 minutes to check in.

  6. This part is crucial... each sales team member must be a part of creating their own goals. If they aren’t, they won’t take ownership.

  7. Before bribing your sales team with a prize, think about bonuses first. Does your company have a bonus structure? If not, create one now. This cash bonus will motivate most everyone... as long as it’s reachable for everyone. This is why it’s important to set goals individually for each sales rep. Everyone does their part to reach and then go above and beyond the goal, but won’t get burned out or feel like they aren’t helping if the goals are set individually.

Having stellar communication from management to support staff is critical to having a successful sales team.

If you need help structuring any of this, contact me for an assessment. It can save you a lot of money and frustration in the future.

Yours In Success,


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