How Much Follow Up It Too Much Follow Up?

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Honestly? I think it depends on your approach. I mean if you’re calling, texting and emailing all within two days, you’re probably not gonna get very far.

However if you receive a referral and ask how they would like to be contacted and go from there. For instance what I usually do when I’m giving a referral is I say “Would it be OK to send an email introduction to you both?”

Interestingly enough sometimes the other persons eyes get really big like “why didn’t I think of that” and then they usually answer “yes that sounds lIke a great idea.”

So what I would do if I was on the receiving end of that referral in the email introduction and I would give the other person about 48 business hours to reply. If they have not, then I would reach out separately to an email to them and ask them if they would be up for coffee.

It depends on the situation. If you’re talking with someone and you know that they have an urgent need for what you offer then I wouldn’t wait 48 business hours I would email them as soon as I get home.

From there it can get a little tricky if they don’t reply back. What are usually do I copy myself on the email when I’m sending it. That way it’s in my inbox and then I flag it, categorize it and set it up to follow up if I have not heard anything back yet.

I usually give it about a week or so but nine times out of 10 they usually reply back within two business days. So then what I’ll do is I’ll set up a coffee appointment I’ll set aside an hour but know that I can always leave after 30 minutes if needed and it isn’t a good connection. You can also offer a zoom coffee if that works better for you both.

OK so let’s say they didn’t reply back and it’s been a week now what do you do? In this scenario I would forward the original email - remember that you saved it in your inbox so it’s really easy to find. You then forward that email and say “hey just checking to make sure you received this OK? Hope everything is well!” Give people the benefit of the doubt. Another one is “Just floating this email to the top of your inbox. Hope you’re week is off to a great start!”

They usually reply back then saying oh yeah I’m so sorry I read it and forgot about it, I got busy and forgot to reply. So then go through and set the coffee appointment from there.

Let’s say there’s a different scenario being that you are calling someone (B2B) cold that lives in your community and you know that they need your help they may or may not know that they need your help. What is my process?

Well first of all of course I reach out by email, this is usually a really good way to get a hold of the business owner depending on what day of the week it is. Keep in mind the industry they are in and their busy days…. Most of the time with emailing on Monday’s you will more than likely not get a reply back right away.

OK so you sent out the email and you pointed out some of the different ways that you can help them. The more specific you can be with maybe two or three points that you know of some areas that they are struggling with the better.

So after you send the initial email I would wait two days then send another email, sales as above - send them an email with VALUE. “Hey ______, I saw this article and thought you might like it.” That‘s it!

Lastly, believe you have the sale! If you need help, you know how to get a hold of me.

Yours In Success,

Mindy Cook

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