How To Create A Sales Process

I’m not talking about the one your boss gave you for the company. I’m talking about the one you have for yourself - YOUR process.

Don’t have one? Here you go…

  1. Put prospects in CRM. Don’t have one? Get one.

  2. Schedule time on your calendar to prospect - specifically reaches or dials

  3. In your scheduled prospecting time, prospect. Your family is depending on you to do so.

  4. After you reach out - take notes In the CRM. Either attach the email you sent or note that you called/texted with details. Attach any replies.

  5. Set up follow up 48 hours. Then 7 days, 1 month 3 months 6 months and so on.

  6. You get a yes. Good Job. Knock out the sale then follow up afterwards - 1 month, 6 months birthday, became a client anniversary, holidays etc . Put these specific dates in your CRM! Its crucial to stay in touch afterward. Build that relationship, gain referrals they will feel like they weren’t just a sale.

  7. You get a no? Follow up in a month. put them on your emailing list.

This sounds so easy right? So why don’t we do it? Well, it takes time and you don’t see results right away so you don’t think it works.

It does. Give it 90 days.

Need help? Reach out! This is what I am here for, your Sales Coach.

Yours In Success,

Mindy Cook

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