How To Create Limitless Leads

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

If you’re in sales, having leads is insanely crucial to the success of building your clientele. So what happens when you run out of leads or referral sources? Easy, don’t let this happen.

How? Keep between 5-7 lead sources at all times. Of course, this depends on:

  1. Your industry

  2. How much help you have from your support staff

  3. How long you have been in sales

Understanding these components will help you think through what you need to have a successful lead generation system.

Your Industry. Knowing you’re industry well, from top to bottom and from questioning others that are successful are two things you need to do right off the bat. Understanding what industries you need to work with that use your services as well as what industries they work with will help give you leverage.

How Much Help You Have From Your Support Staff. This is of course, if you have staff. If you don‘t, start saving a portion of your checks to do so. Once you get a good system in place you won’t have the time to keep it up on your own.

If you do have support staff, having them on board with the sales plan is a must. You can read more about this process here. After you’ve had your meeting and your support staff is on the same page as you, walk them through your lead system. Staff could do the following tasks for you:

  • Input new contacts into outlook and your CRM

  • Send a networking coffee email

  • Add new conditions in your ideal industry and what their ideal industry to work with, to your newsletter - this should only be a monthly communication, anything more could irritate and not work in your favor.

  • Send thank you emails and notes cards

  • Add to birthday card list

  • Order and reorder branded mints/candles, etc swag for offices for you to drop off

You get the idea, they are doing the busy work that helps to keep you in front of your prospects mind. Again part of the team work.

How Long You Have Been In Sales. After a while you have your leads and referrals coming in on autopilot and unless you want to make a big shift of increase, keeping your system in place and fresh is very important. Changing up your office gifts, being creative and staying on top of this is insanely important.

Maybe have an incentive for your staff to bring in referrals to you, if you don’t already have this in place. Rewarding and recognizing your staff that without their help you wouldn’t have reached the team goal, is important... especially after having been in sales a long time and it can become routine and stagnant.

Regardless of where you are at in your sales career, having a good lead system in place will get your team to where you want to be.

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