How to Get Clear on What You’re Truly Capable of Accomplishing

Being an entrepreneur, you can sometimes drive yourself crazy! You are having all of these ideas but you’re not sure which one to go with first and how!

Well, first things first, make a list... an honest list of what you are truly capable of doing. For instance, when I started my consulting business, I had workshop topics that I wanted to do and then starred the ones I could do myself.

I would then get feedback from clients and peers for topics and pick which list to add the topic too.

I had a friend that once told me, “you only have to know more than the people you are doing the workshop for.“ You don’t have to be an expert, per say, you just need to know and be confident in your abilities.

So start on those lists and see what you come up with. Stare them with your mentor and be willing to accept both positive and negative feedback, that’s what makes you coach able and can make you successful.

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