How To Reach Out To Your LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn is such a different format than any other. I remember going to a social media workshop once, and they referred to LinkedIn as the boardroom of social media. That has stuck with me since. I use this as a guideline when looking at what content to post and especially when messaging any of my connections.

Granted, I do things a lot differently now than I did even a year ago. It's not that I care what people think... I care about how I may appear professional while keeping my crazy, direct yet fun personality in place. So when people are reading my content they know that it's me that is creating it. Kind of like I am talking to them.

One thing I like to do before send messages, is ask myself: "What’s the purpose of trying to build a relationship with this person?"

Are they in my COI (Center of Influence) industry? OR work with those in my COI industry?

Can I bring value to them?

If so, check out these tips...

If they are local- send a "connect over coffee message". This is a great way to build relationships with those professionals in your area that work in the industry that you need to work with.

Now if they are not local- Start a genuine conversation where it shows you looked at their profile. Ask genuine questions that you need answers to.

Here is an example of a really good reach out that was sent to me:

"Mindy are you still doing business coaching? If you are we should connect."

My first thought was - crap, I need to put more details in my headline. I thought It sounded like it was current, I'll have to tweak it. Then I thought - I better respond he might need my help!

"Hello Scott, Yes, I am coaching. My focus is mostly sales training and helping to give small business owners support for their sales team. What is it that you do?"

"Awesome. Don’t you love coaching? There’s nothing quite like being in the room with a leader or team and helping them move forward! I do similar work, and I always enjoy connecting with others in the industry. I run Scale Architects, the implementation arm of Predictable Success. Ever heard of it?"

...and so on...

Here is another example:

"Hi Mindy! Looks like we have some shared connections, likely through the chamber... and some shared interests. Hope to connect with you here on LinkedIn."

- I accept connection request, he writes again-

"Thanks for connecting! I’m curious... does "company name" provide their agents with technology support?"

---- I replied to this message for two reasons- he is a local and had a chill tone in his message.

Both of these particular professionals aren't in my immediate COI list, however would still make a good connection and will keep an eye on their posts. Especially the local IT professional, if I know of someone looking for IT in our area, I would refer him and the other IT professional in my leads group. Tip: Always give at least 2 names when referring.

Oh my goodness, now don't tell me you don't have a COI list. If you don't and need help, you know where to find me. You can also check out this post to see why you need to have COI's.

Anyway, my biggest pet peave is having people DM me their pitch. I hardly know you or not at all and you're going to pitch your service to me? Does this really work? Nope.

Why do sales people keep doing this? Probably because its “activity” that they can report back to their manager. It doesn't work but its activity. Why do any activity that they know doesn't work? Laziness. Let's be real. It's laziness. They don't have a good mentor or coach to help them with good language, so they throw it out there and hope for the best.

Now you know where I am going with this right?

We just launched a new program called Sales VP In A Box. If you need more support, or if you know of a colleague that could use some help, please have them contact me.

Sales can be tough and not having the right support in place is just a waste of everyone's time and money.

For more info go here

Yours In Success,

Mindy Cook

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