It's 2nd Quarter and You're Sales Stink

So now what? You've been through all of your leads, nada. Any favors left to cash in- you know, the ones you save for end of year - gone. Shoot, you are way behind from staying on pace to reach your big goals this year, so what do you do besides throw your computer out the window? Or better yet - against the wall. No don't do that. It won't help.

Well, let's first take an inventory of where you get your leads. Write it all out on the left side of the paper, include any from your COI's, networking events, leads groups, referral partners and marketing funnels. First and foremost, if you aren't utilizing any of these listed, there is your homework. These option will more than likely help you in the last quarter or first one next year, not right away. However sometimes at networking events - you can get a hot lead right away.

OK, now back to your list. To the right of each lead generator I want you to go back and figure out how many leads you had received from each source. Not sure? Well, you can download my Golden Referral Tracking Sheet to use moving forward.

Looking at this list where did you receive the most referrals from and from whom? Start there.

The most was from a marketing funnel you had made and you were able to pull in 35 leads. Cha-ching! Go back to your CRM (please tell me you have one of these) and see how many "touches" or "reaches outs" you have had to each of these leads. Now depending on what you sell and when the last time you reached out, you might be able to contact them again. What's that statistic, 7 times wins the sale?

OK now let's say, your lowest count of lead sources is a COI relationship you built just over the last 6 months. He has given you 4 referrals and 50% have converted over to a client. Now you know two things... that this COI is GOLD and you should be taking them out to lunch golf or drinks A LOT! Second that the referrals he is giving you are high quality. It isn't always about how many leads or referrals you receive but about the quality of the leads/referrals. Send this COI a checking in on you email, or better yet a hand written note in the mail thanking them for the referrals (if you haven't' already), send them a gift (branded wrapped mints in a nice dish for their office, or a candle for the reception area... you get the idea. The point is here to have you be in the forefront of their mind. You'll notice a pattern with the referrals they send over... so track it and PLEASE return the favor.

After you have tried both of those, I would say time to hit the doors. Go to your niche's place of business and drop off a gift and please have a decent conversation with the receptionist... she is your key to the decision maker and the gatekeeper to his phone.

These ideas work, but learn from this lesson. Do not ever let your leads run out. Have at least 5-7 sources for leads at all times. Now here is my shameless plug, if you need a good consultant, someone to support you, contact us. Having that accountability and extra support from someone with over 2 decades of award-winning experience in sales can help.

Yours In Success,


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