Networking - 5 Tips To Help Ease Your Nerves

OK you’re in the parking lot. You’ve got extra business cards, your slammin’ outfit on and shoes that make you feel like a million bucks, you know….for confidence boosting.

You start to get nervous, what are you going to say when someone asks you what you do? You‘ve rehearsed your “commercial” many times but you want to be sure so you practice again.

It will be OK, you’ve done this a thousand times, why are you so nervous? Deep breath… ok let’s do this!

Sound familiar? Most of us have this type of social anxiety before attending an after hours, so relax you aren’t the only one that feels this way!

Here are 5 tips to use to help ease your nerves a bit.

  1. What to Talk About. Make the conversation about them, not you. Ask about their career, why they chose it, how long they have been in it, what did they do before, are they from the area. No one expects a deep conversation at these type of events, so you can keep it light!

  2. What You’re Wearing. You know, that favorite pair of heels, or lucky tie? Wear them. Favorite work outfit that makes you feel like you own the room when you walk in? Wear it. When you aren’t thinking about the skirt that is too tight, or shirt that is too big, you will be able to focus on the person in front of you.

  3. Be Prepared. Have a business cards in a business card holder preferably. Have extra in your glove box just in case you run out. I usually order an extra box and keep it in my car along with a folder of extra marketing materials- always good to be prepared, you never know where you’re next client will be!

  4. Have A Plan. What industries are you looking to connect with? For instance a massage therapist might need to connect with chiropractors, real estate agents with mortgage lenders, etc. Though it’s always good to meet others outside your ideal industry, think bigger- who else works with chiropractors? Who works with your ideal industry or client. This may take some brainstorming but knowing this will help with your COIs and lead generation.

  5. Be Cool. No need to be nervous, just go and be chill. Be yourself and remember networking is NOT the place to sell, it’s a place to practice your commercial, not your pitch. You don’t want to be “that person” that everyone cringes when you walk into a room because you are desperate to get leads. No one likes to be sold to!

Finally, if you need help with any of this reach out and ask for help! You’re spending time away from your family so let’s make a strategy for you to make the most if it.

Yours In Success,


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