Too Busy To Return Messages? 4 Ways This Can Hurt Your Sales

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Of course you’re too busy to reply back to that message from the board you are volunteering on or from your networking group about presentation schedules. You have a full time career, kids, spouse and household to run, of course they will understand if you forgot to reply back until a week later, right? Wrong.

Everyone is busy. So by you not replying back (24-48 business hours is etiquette) at least to say "hey I received your message I’ll have time to respond tomorrow", is helpful.

Just so you are aware, this can hurt you in more ways than you might not realize.

  1. Losing Credibility. When your in sales, you cannot afford to lose your credibility- to anyone. When you are in sales you are essentially selling yourself. People buy from you because they like and trust you.

  2. Less Referrals. For your networking group and your board position that you volunteer for - your fellow group members will wonder if you treat your clients like this - they may hesitate to refer potential clients to you.

  3. Excuses. Are the worst, especially I am so sorry I was was soooo busy yesterday I forgot to reply back - insert facepalm. If you actually say this in your reply message we need to have a talk. Of course life will get busy from time to time! How you word your email reply can hurt you even more.

  4. Not replying. Even if you honestly forgot...this is just straight-up unprofessional. If you aren’t interested - tell them, politely. Don’t blow them off and not respond. You never know who they might know.

So bottom line? You need a good system to organize your time and emails. I go over these ideas in this post!

Keep in mind all of yours texts, voice messages, emails and social media posts are all a reflection of you!

Yours In Success,


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