What Does It Mean When Someone “Likes” My Business Post?

So you write a quick post about an upcoming seminar or workshop you have coming up, and you have a few likes - 19 to be exact, and you are excited!

You then privately message each of the 19 Likers and nothing. No response. Now you are bummed, it’s been a couple days and they haven’t answered. Well here is a way to think of this in our sales world...

Think of the “like” as an “attempt” or “dial” - you know, like sales 101.

  1. How many attempts do you need to get some own to answer the phone?

  2. How many answers then do you need to get a booking - or in this case to sign up?

  3. Tracking will help you know your numbers but will also keep your emotions level.

Social media can be tricky though, people might “like” something to show support too and not necessarily interest.

Another point is that people are easily distracted. How many times do you pick up your phone to reply to a message and you forget to? Same here. More than likely this is what happened.

If you want to send a follow up message you can - something fun and like a “checking in the workshop registration deadline is in two days” kind of a message... if you still get crickets, it’ll be ok!

It is a bit more difficult on social media, as you aren’t speaking with them directly, but just like any sales... it’s in the numbers.

Keep your chin up and keep on going! Your Tribe awaits you!

Yours In Success,


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