What If…?

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

You sit at your 9-5 and daydream. You want to start a business, a ministry or a non-profit... but you aren’t sure what to do. You have your ideas written down- shoot, you might even have a rough draft of a business plan. Yet you still can’t take that step and leave your job.

Everyone in your circle knows what you want to do... you’ve told your team mates, your family, even posted on social media #dreambiz.

Just so you know, people are watching you. Creepy right? It's true. When you say you want to do something, they are waiting to see you do it. Some will encourage, some will be nay-sayers and some won't say anything at all - they just watch you. These are the people to look out for.

From what I have read and seen, those that are successful, keep their heads down and work - they don't talk about it (to the masses) until it's done. Think abut these in your circle or those that you know that are chill and don't do a lot of talking. Watch them. See what their posts are like (if any), their daily routine, just observe them.

In my past training, the directors would encourage us to share our goals, post on social make goal posters and tell our loved ones. In my opinion, doing all of this can hurt you. Why? I'm not being a negative nelly here, I am thinking about your character and integrity.

What if... you sat with your coach, crunched your numbers, activity, got your game plan down all the way to meal planning and you're good to go... then you go to work. No announcing on social, no telling your family, you just work. Then when you reach your goal... shout it out from the friggin' mountaintop. Not only will you be more respected by the hard work you did, but also will have gained trust by those around you.

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Yours In Success,

Mindy Cook

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