What Is Personal Branding?

Simply put... it's you. Your style, fashion, character, personality. It's how you make people feel at the end of a conversation. How you respond to upset clients... are you understanding or roll your eyes and not answer the text?

I had a new client that wanted me to do an analysis of his brand online... well, he was an insurance agent, however on his Facebook profile it stated he worked at one company, on his website it was another company and his LinkedIn profile had his last career as his current position still.

When I visited his Facebook business page, the cover graphic looked like he took a picture that was out of focus and the font was fuzzy. The website on the Facebook page - well the link was broken. His goal was that he wanted to be the top selling agent in his firm. Do you think he will get there with his online presence being like this?

You guessed it. I had a hard time even figuring out which insurance company he worked for and then wondered if he was still working there at all. What do potential clients do when they hear about you or your name was referred to them? You guessed it, go online and check this person out! Imagine what a potential client must think? This is not the brand of a top selling agent and clearly this needed to be fixed.

This is just one example. Going back to the first paragraph, have you ever thought about these things? Have you ever given yourself an assessment on your online presence? If you haven't, I would challenge you to do so. There may be some content out there from an old job or even a testimonial that you forgot about that you could include in your marketing.

Think about it... why would I buy insurance from someone who doesn't even take the time to get the details of his profession right? Is this how he treats his business? His clients? Bottom line is, before you tell anyone to visit your website or social media accounts, please be sure your are branded well and to your current niche and unpublish your Facebook page until you are.

Yours In Success,


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