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how to be confident in your personal brand

You're sitting in the conference room at your monthly sales team meetings and you missed your goal, again... 

You feel defeated, embarrassed and you're wondering how did the others meet their goals? 

Then there is the one that out-competes everyone and kills it. We'll call her Ms Super Star... She goes WAY OVER the monthly quota and earns a bonus. 

You are sitting there thinking... 

OK if she can do it, I can surely do this... right?

What does she have that I don't? I can do this too!!!

You then are thinking of all the hats that you wear and how you can juggle it all and then how you are going to beat Ms SuperStar at the next sales meeting.

You leave the meeting sit down and go over numbers. 

OK, you tell yourself... I got this! 

So you look at your calendar... it's just not good timing right now.

You know what steps to take to fill it, but then doubt sets in...

Why is someone going to buy this product from me?

What do I have that Ms SuperStar doesn't so I can beat her?



You have NO idea what her struggles are and what she sacrificed to be number 1 this past month.

Second... sales is TOUGH. Right? Rewarding but tough.

What you need is a coach and a strategy session.

Someone who will have your back, tell you like it is and help walk you through your obstacles so you can be # 1 at the sale meeting.

I'm not saying it'll happen in a month or even two.

That part is up to you.

Third is... well bottom line, sales 101

Why is someone going to buy from you over your competition?

This is where it gets real.

This is where having your PERSONAL BRAND locked and loaded is crucial to your success

Didn't think that having a personal brand is going to help you with your sales? 

Think again.

In this mini-class I go over some things to look at, think about and for you to put into action. 

Sometimes having someone from the outside looking at your specific situation is needed

You may even have a mentor there at your office that can help you... sometimes not by choice.

what you will learn

Understand HOW you are making your first impression

Why you REALLY need to wear slammin' shoes 

What it means to have a "floppy" business card and why it isn't a good representation of you

What you are wearing really can alter other's outlook on you... I bet there are things you hadn't even thought of!

There really is a right way to wear a name tag


Your integrity and character and how it is all tied in

How to analyze your own brand using our Branding ScopeTMTool

meet your instructor


Mindy Cook comes from a background of:

  • 19 years in sales with high achievement awards including earning a company car and promoted to the top 1.5% of a multi million dollar cosmetics company 

  • Trained and mentored hundreds of sales reps on various topics from achieving high sales, personal branding, people skills having systems in place, time management, tracking and more.

  • 12 years in the insurance industry as both a sales rep and a CSR

  • 9 years of owning a small business - professional women's networking organization 

Mindy believes strongly that everyone has a dream and gifts to see that dream come true. With the distractions and objections that come into our lives to keep us off balance, insecure and busy... Mindy's goal is to breath belief into women to teach them to be bold in who God created them to be... give them the tools through strategy sessions to bring out their gift and build up confidence. Esther 5:1-2

how this mini-class will help you

Define your own brand even if you are an employee


To differentiate yourself from your competition, especially if there are a few or more of you in the same office or the same sales team.


Know your between your handshake, body language, image and business card - this is how first impressions are made!


How do you think you come across?


Step into the role of CEO of YOU go through this Sales Elite Mini- Class with me.


We will walk through the 101 of branding and get a good idea on your brand or if you need to re-boot your brand.


Be confident in the shoes that you are walking in, the cards that you are handing out and the handshake that you are giving.


This is one of my favorite classes to teach and hope you join me!